Andrew Brown (andy_brown) wrote,
Andrew Brown

Shall we discuss last week?

I thought it would be fun to have all this attention on me again, but it turned out to be kind of annoying in the end. A reporter following you everywhere, knowing everything.

Like when I found out that Delia wasn't at that shrimpy kid from her school's house, and I had to go get her at the museum. He ended up knowing about that (okay, so I told him). He must think that I'm a bad father. Not that I care what he thinks anyways. Ephram's opinion of me matters more than some New York reporters.

Next time I'll call to make sure.
And Delia, please don't do that again, honey. You scared Daddy.


(OOC: p.s. the reason why I'm talking about stuff from last week is because I'm a week behind in the episodes thanks to CTV. So just bare with me, here. Thanks.)
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